Call: Worldwide Day of Action For Refugees at May 14, 2016

For human rights and the freedom of movement for all people!

Against a misanthropical Europe!

Freedom, equality and humanity for all people! Against sealing-off Europe!

At May 14 people around the world will take the streets for the rights of refugees. Also in Wuppertal, Germany.

Its not long ago that refugees where welcomed enthousiatstic at railway stations in Germany. Thousands of people welcomed people who had to flee as they arrived at the railway stations of Dortmund, Munich, Frankfurt and many other cities. Many of these people are still active and now involved in local and supraregional initiatives like for instance Welcome to Wuppertal, Cars of Hope or directly in refugee shelters.

Although the drownings at the Mediterranean sea and sealing off Europe is nothing new, the hope of many people was growing after the Balkan route was opened. Angela Merkel said “We manage that!” and even a rightwing populist hardliner like Horst Seehofer said that Germany can receive 200.000 refugees per year. Although we are against an upper limit for receiving people who had to flee in principal, the number of Horst Seehofer almost (!) sounds humane, considering the fact that almost no refugees are let in right now.

The federal government likes to point at the border closures of the EU-Visegrad states and at Austria and Macedonia (FYROM) as if they are powerless against the fact that  thousands of refugees are stuck in Greece. But they are in no way powerless. The federal government could allow them to travel to Germany if they wanted to…

The agreement between the EU and Turkey was initiated by the German federal government and other EU member states and is still supported by the federal government. Off all countries an agreement with Turkey, a country with a devastating human rights record. Off all countries Turkey, where Erdogan is waging war against the population in the south-east of the country. Off all countries Turkey, where journalists, lawyers and many other people are arrested and others are refused to enter the country. Since April 4 the EU deports refugees back to Turkey. Back to a country that shoots at refugees, that deported people back to Syria several times. We are in a situation now where the EU deletes entries on EU websites on request of Turkish authorities, so the world does not get informed about the genocide against Armenian people by the Turkish state in 1915.

In the mean time not only a wall between Turkey and Syria is being build. Everywhere in Europe states are constantly building new walls, fences and watch towers. Apart from the fences in like for instance Ceuta, Hungary, Slovenia, Macedonia and Bulgaria, Austria started to build a fence between Austria and Italy at the Brenner border crossing. The people who seek refuge and were welcomed enthousiaticly last year are now called “illegal migrants” or even “invaders”. Not the reasons to flee, like for instance our arms trade, suffocating “free tarde” treaties or war and persecution are seen as the problem, but instead people who had to flee because of this and who have lost everything are being seen as the problem. Not even Daesh (Islamic state) are discussed as a problem, the focus of the discussion is on the victims who are considered by many as the real problem.

This all hast o stop! Immediately!

No human is illegal!

… and that’s why we say:

Yes to the freedom of movement and human rights for all people!

No to border fences, barbed wire, soldiers and police violence against refugees!

No to the agreement between the EU and Turkey!

No to the moral bankruptcy of Europes governments!

Come to our demonstration at May 14, 14:00

Starting point: Alte Freiheit, Wuppertal-Elberfeld (Near to the main train station, in front of the City-Arkaden shopping mall)

Come and take a stand for people in need, for human rights and humanity!



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